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Presence Bootstrapping Tool for Lync Server 2010


The Presence Bootstrapping Tool for Lync Server 2010 sets default presence policies for identities that have never previously signed into a Lync Server client. This utility is intended to be run once for users of some qualified client applications that are not released by Microsoft (for example, Polycom KIRK). Any qualified partner solution that requires use of this tool will explicitly direct you to it. Use this tool only if directed by a qualified partner solution provider or by documentation for the users of that solution. For further information please see Knowledge Base article 2737277.



Presence Bootstrapping Tool for Lync Server 2010 must be set up and configured as a Lync trusted application before running. The Lync trusted application ID must be set in PresenceBootstrapper.exe.config.
See http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh347354.aspx for information on configuring a trusted application. Note that optional steps pertaining to Active Directory Contact Objects may be ignored.
The utility can be run on a single identity or multiple identities. Examples:

  • PresenceBootstrapper sip:adamb@fabrikam.com
  • PresenceBootstrapper -file URIs.txt where URIs.txt contains a line separated list of URIs:
    • sip:adamb@fabrikam.com
    • sip:joses@fabrikam.com
    • sip:joeb@fabrikam.com


  • URIs processed will temporarily appear available during execution of this utility, and should return to offline after a few seconds.
  • When running PresenceBootstrapper, you may experience delays of a minute or more during application startup before URI processing begins.

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